• Translations

    from 20 € / standard page on (1500 characters without spaces) or by agreement
  • Language editing

    5 € / standard page (1500 characters without spaces) or by agreement
  • Preparation course for the matura exam

    25 € / 45 minutes
  • Year-long tuition

    • primary school 15 € / 45 minutes
    • secondary school 15 € / 45 minutes
  • Occasional tuition

    • primary school 20 € / 45 minutes
    • secondary school 20 € / 45 minutes

Tuition takes place in my office or at your home. In the latter case I additionally charge travel expenses.

prevajanjeTranslation is a trade and an art at the same time.

Anthony Burgess says: "Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture." The art of translation lies in the power to convert words from the source language to the target language by taking into account all the characteristics of the target language. Translation has to be precise but it has to sound natural at the same time so that the target audience can easily understand it. This guides me through all my translations.

I've been translating for many years, at first part-time, from 2008 full-time as an entrepreneur. If necessary, I use CAT (computer-aided translation) tools Trados and ESTeam Translator.

I have a Bachelor's degree in English and also a teaching degree. Professionally I'm a long time translator, lecturer and tutor of English, in the past a teacher of English as well.


Teaching English langugage

I've been successfully teaching English for many years. I teach children and adults. Teaching is performed by arrangement, depending on your needs.

Preparation courses for the matura exam, tuition

Preparation courses for the matura exam, tuition

I've been successfully offering preparation courses for the matura exam and private tuition.

Other services

Other services

At your wish I provide translations into other world languages as well.

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